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”Part angel, part banshee”  SJ is not your classic singer songwriter. Once you’ve heard SJ sing, you’ll understand why she’s been given the nickname ‘Stevie Ray Nicks’!


Since recording ‘Nashville Sessions’ her debut solo album in Tennessee back in 2014, SJ has toured extensively across the UK and spent some time in Europe, America and China involved in various musical projects, honing her craft.


SJ is currently fronting the award-winning Americana Rock band Morganway who are tipped for great things.  “One of the best and most exciting prospects to emerge in a long time” (Maverick Magazine). 

In recent press coverage, SJ has been described as a “modern Nicks”, likened to “Joplin”, and a “female fronted Zeppelin” (Get Ready To Rock). 


Along with Morganway's self-titled album release, the band have completed two headline tours across the UK and supported Skunk Anansie on their recent tour. Their festival slots include Glastonbury, C2C Festival at the O2, Black Deer Festival, Cornbury, Cambridge Folk Festival, Buckle & Boots, Millport Country Festival, The Long Road and Secret Garden Party, plus numerous others.

SJ: “After working in this crazy beautiful industry for ten years, I’ve learnt that you really have to believe in yourself and push through your own limits to get where you want to be; you can’t expect support and help from others unless you’re giving 110% yourself!  I didn’t have the confidence when I started out and was uncomfortable with the whole “putting yourself out there” thing, but after multiple tours with Morganway and meeting so many wonderful musical souls on the road, I’m ready to grab whatever opportunities come my way, hang on for dear life and just enjoy the ride! 


I’ve wanted to release more solo material for quite a while, but the time didn’t seem right until now. Modern artists and bands that have been releasing music recently have given me such a boost in energy, musical inspiration and self-confidence. There is so much talent out there, and it’s such a buzz to be part of this creative, ever-changing musical force; you never know what’s around the corner! I just love to sing, I always have and always will; it makes me feel alive and comes straight from my soul.  This new music comes from my heart and hopefully will touch yours too when you hear it …


SJ HEAR ME LOVER (low rez).jpg

“Hear Me Lover” is a feel-good, pop, happy-bop song written during lockdown. For SJ’s sound think: female Harry Styles meets Phoebe Bridges, with a sprinkling of soul and grit. SJ’s new music is very inspired by HAIM (Women in Music P3).


Escape from reality & step into my fantasy world, sunglasses on and dance around the kitchen in your onesie like no one's watching, or blast it in the car, windows down and sing out loud!” 

(SJ Mortimer)


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